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Release Notes

Animotive Release Notes


New Features
  • Implemented fullscreen Camera preview (Cameras can be toggled via keyboard numpad buttons)
  • Implemented loading radial for when user creates demo project
  • Improved VR UI panel modals
  • Inverted parabola laser grab wrist rotation
  • Added “Date Created” and “Date Modified” tags to the Project Settings
  • Added Project and Scene name to Desktop UI when in a Scene
  • Reduced size of video watermark for users on the Free tier
  • Improved the join request feedback for a user in a Scene that has already started
  • Updates to Unity and FBX export workflows
  • Unskinned bones are now flagged in Asset Library, Asset Summary module
  • Implemented an option to Clear Application Cache within Application Settings for users that are having issues logging into the app
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed support for SteamVR/OpenXR backend
  • Fix for Project invitations not always being received
  • Fixed FileNotFound exception that would occur when importing certain characters that had a separate head and body mesh
  • Fixed error that would occur when a user deleted Group 1 and then hosted the machine on another PC
  • Fixed bug which prevented the user from expanding Group 1 in the Takes panel after they deleted an entity from it
  • Fixed bug where animation clip would not play back if there was a gap between 2 clips
  • Updated the link hooked up to the See Pro Features button
  • Fixed bug causing the Aperture slider on Camera control panel to be sticky/hard to adjust
  • Fixed matchmaking errors affecting users connecting to Turkish and US South Central servers
  • Fixed some Scene saving triggers which were either causing data to not be saved or data to be cleared and overwritten
  • Improved Application window scaling logic - should now be legible across different display resolutions
  • Implemented fix that was causing Character steps/locomotion to be exaggerated when disembodying and then re-embodying
  • Fixed bug that was causing FBX / Unity export to fail for characters that had no blendshape animation applied to them
  • Improved state management for the VR camera vignette
  • Fixed some bugs related to interacting with input fields in entity control panel Transform tab via Desktop mode
  • Fixed that user could select spotlights and cameras within Depth of Field auto targeting functionality
  • Fixed that Depth of Field auto target selection outline was not being displayed in Camera viewport
  • Fixed intermittent bug where user could get stuck on 1 laser grab mode and lost the ability to switch between laser grab modes
  • Fixed errors that could occur if clicking between Assets very quickly in Asset Library
  • Fixed critical bug that was causing some animation clips to be overwritten for example if the user grabbed, released and grabbed the same prop within the same capture. Also if the user disembodied and re-embodied the same character within the same capture.
  • Some small UI tweaks to the Import Asset menu
  • Fixed that the Asset Scaler no longer considers blendshape meshes when calculating Asset bounds
  • Fixed state management of “Asset is Saved” text in Asset Library
  • Some usability improvements to the Materials & Textures module in Asset Library
  • Fixed error that could occur if user changed Player Tracking dropdown to XSens without having a valid XSens connection
  • Improved UX for dismissing a Toast Message in VR
  • Fixed critical bug that was intermittently causing users to become unauthenticated whilst in a Scene
  • Fixed bug that was causing slow video exports for scenes with no audio captured

Known Issues

  • Sometime Desktop UI isn’t clickable in the session instance of the app, it seems to be resolved by alt tabbing to another app and then back to Animotive