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In the Takes Panel, you can organise all your assets into Groups and create new Takes. A Group allows you to organise your assets in an easy and intuitive way. With your assets in Groups, you can pair up different takes and different groups during playback.
To open the Takes panel, first toggle your Menu by pressing B on the right controller. Using your laser, select the Panels Menu and press the right trigger. Once you’ve opened the Panels tab, select the Takes Panel.
To create a new Group, simply select Add Group and press the right trigger. Select the drop down arrow to see all the assets in a Group.
If you’d like to move an asset to a different Group, you can select the three dots at the right of the group number. Then select Move To Group, and choose which Group you want to move your asset too.
To view all your assets in the scene at any time by select the All Assets button in the upper right hand corner of the Panel.
To access the settings for any asset, select the three dots to the right of the asset’s name, and select Open Properties from the drop down menu.
In the same drop down menu, you can select Align to POV, to move an asset directly in front of you from anywhere in the space.
Want to go for another take? To create a new take, all you need to do is select the New Take button with your laser and a new take number will appear next to it.
Like a take a lot? Just select the star next to the take number with your laser pointer and press trigger.
If you want to go back to a previous take, duplicate or clear a take, select the three dots to the right of the Group Number. A drop down menu will appear where you can select any of these options.
Remember, any Group or asset can be toggled on or off in playback. To toggle it, select the eye icon next to the group or asset’s name.