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First Teleport to where you would like to spawn your Camera.
To place a Camera into your Animotive scene, first toggle on your Menu, then select the Tools Menu in the toolbar and press the right trigger.
After selecting Tools, select the camera icon with your laser pointer, and press the right trigger to spawn up to four Cameras in the scene.
To move your Camera, hover over it with your laser, and hold down the Grip button. There are two ways to move the Camera with your laser. The default mode is Linear Mode. You can move the Camera anywhere in the space by moving your controller and holding the Grip. You can move the Camera closer or farther away from you by continuing to hold the grip and pushing the Thumbstick forward or back. When you are happy with the orientation and position, just release the Grip on your controller.
The second mode is called Parabola Mode. You can switch to this by continuing to hold the grip flicking the right Thumbstick left or right. In Parabola Mode, the Camera will become anchored to the floor, and you can move the Camera through the space by moving your controller and holding the Grip button. You can rotate it by twisting your controller left or right. To place a Camera, make sure your laser is blue, and release the Grip button.
To fine tune the placement or get handheld shots, first spawn an Invisible Character.
Select the Invisible Character with your laser, and click Embody. Once you’ve embodied the Character, approach the camera and grip the "ball" on the bottom by extending your character’s hand and holding the grip button.
To change the Camera properties, such as the focal length or to add depth of field, select the Camera you wish to adjust using the right hand laser and look to the menu on the left hand to see the camera properties menu. You can adjust any of the properties by selecting them with your laser and pressing the right trigger button.