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Animotive allows users to import their own Characters, Props Sets and Scripts with our asset importer.
Animotive only supports files in the FBX file format. The process of importing 3D assets can be a challenging task as there are many different standards that exist. Our system is designed to make your assets useable and interactive as quickly as we can and show you if there are any issues with the files provided.
You can look at and even edit the existing assets in any of our templates to help get a better understanding of what's involved.
To access the Asset Library you must be in the Animotive desktop application
When in your project select the Asset Library button.
To see the controls for the Asset Library click on the keyboard icon in the bottom right of asset import window.
To import an asset, click the '+' in the top left and select if it's a character, prop, set or film script.
The left column lists the assets available in your project. You can filter this list by selecting the dropdown where it says 'all assets'
The blue text beside the cloud icon tells you the current status of syncing your local assets with the cloud.
The asset summary tab will flag any issues that need to be resolved before an Object can be imported. It is still important to check that everything is correct in the different tabs to ensure everything looks and performs correctly.
It is essential to click the 'save asset' button in the bottom left after any changes you have made otherwise they could be lost.
Importing a Character
Importing a character can often be a complex task.
Humanoid Mapping
To be imported correctly into animotive, characters must have a skeleton and skin weights
We only support humanoid characters (characters that have a skeleton close to a human).
Our automap will attempt to match your naming convention with our own. If it fails you will see a red dot where you will be able to select the correct joint.
Physics & Colliders
You can turn on colliders if you want different parts of your character to not intersect. Be careful, enabling colliders that are beside each other can often cause unwanted behavior.
Materials and Textures
Some FBX's have their textures and maps embedded, others do not. By selecting edit you can customize the material's on your character to ensure everything looks how you want it. You can
Facial mapping
Animotive currently supports the Oculus Lip-Sync or Meta Quest Pro facial blend shapes. You must map your shapes to ours in the 'Facial mapping' tab. If you are importing many characters that have the same mapping, you can use the save and load profile buttons at the bottom of the window.
Hand Poses
In the hand poses window you can create and refine the different handposes available in Animotive. Click edit and rotate the joints into the named pose.
Eye Position
This allows you to select where you will view your charters POV from.
This allows you to change the scale of a character.
Importing a Prop
When importing a prop to Animotive, we generate colliders which allows characters to interact with them. You can also adjust the Materials & Textures button by selecting the tab and clicking on the 'Edit' button.
Importing a set
When importing a set the most important element is setting a spawn location. Use the keyboard controls to navigate to a the location you would like users to appear and click there.
Importing a film Script
Save your script as a txt file on your computer and import it.